Fox Floats


    I needed an inflatable float that I could travel with that was tough enough that I didn’t have to handle it with kid gloves.  I wanted a float that I didn’t have to worry about.  A float that will do its job no matter what, so I could just dive.  I needed a float that was highly visible and would hold a dive flag upright even in a stiff wind.  I also wanted my float to be user friendly, and not have any parts that would need to be special ordered, or shipped off for repairs.  Finally, I needed a float that I could afford.

I realized that such a float didn’t exist, so I made my own.  Well, technically I had one made.  I hired a professional manufacturer that develops and manufactures equipment for Dive Rescue International for use by firefighters and professional rescuers to use to create my design.  As soon as I had the prototype in my hands, I went diving.  My spearfishing buddies all asked where I got the float, and where they could get one.  I saw an opportunity to produce something that would help other divers, and maybe help subsidize my spearfishing habit.  After extensive testing, and feedback from others, I made a few tweaks to the Reef Float, and developed the dual chambered Delta Float for bluewater spearfishermen. 


Where did FoxFloats come from?